Traditional cards are never there when you need them and stained or outdated when you do


A Fresh Approach for Owners and Company Teams to easily share contact info and look impressive while they do it.

If you have your phone you have your New-School Cards

Including vCard info download with a single “Add to Contacts” button and a link to Team Member LinkedIn Profiles.

Quickly & easily add your company & team member info

It takes no special technical knowledge to easily get your company team members using & sharing beautifully styled digital business cards in almost no time.

designed to look great on mobile devices

Choose your look and feel
in real-time and update
at anytime

Choose individual team member card styles or company-wide styling.

Custom Company Branding Add-On

Up your Brand Equity by ensuring that all company team member cards have the same custom style that fits your design system and brand standards.

Update or add new team members at any time

No more waiting on print updates for new team members or team member title or information changes. Simply update your existing team member cards or add new team members in real time and your done…. For real.

Styled QR Code

Each Team Member Card includes a unique styled QR Code for the Team Member’s mobile phone lock screen.


Share cards at any time by simply tapping your screen or pressing a single button on your phone.

For those who are interested in awesome

Next Level Boss Business Cards

Our Custom Carbon Fiber Branded QR Phone Cases are the Ferrari of Business Cards

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