Editing Your Team Member Profile

Guide to Updating Your Profile & Lock Screen

Discover how to change both your lock screen and profile with our straightforward steps. for both iOS and Android users.


Accessing Team Member Cards

In the side menu, click on “Team Member Cards” to view the list of team members.


Accessing your Card

In the side menu, click on “My Card” to preview your profile.


Choosing a Team Member to Edit

Locate and select the ‘Edit Team Member’ button for the profile you want to update.


Choosing a Team Member to Edit

Within the editing interface, locate the ‘Card Style Template’ dropdown menu.

Click on the dropdown to display the available templates. These templates will affect the design and layout of the team member.


Previewing Template

Choose a template from the dropdown menu labeled Card Style Template.

To see how it looks, click ‘Update’
the preview will show the template applied to your team member’s profile

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Exporting and Uploading a VCard to Your Team Member Profile

On your phone, go to the Contacts app.
Select the contact you wish to export.
Use the ‘Share’ or ‘Export’ option to save the VCard (.vcf file) to your device.

For detailed steps on exporting VCards from iOS or Android devices


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